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"The best for those who require the best" ... is a valid description of FM ACOUSTICS' philosophy but it does not matter how we are described; be it as "maniacs", as "obsessed with accuracy" or as "incurable perfectionists", any description is fine as long as our efforts to achieve the ultimate can continue unabated.

FM ACOUSTICS' products are crafted for real professionals and mature listeners who recognize a treasure when they hear one. Engineers, musicians and producers who need optimal monitoring to hear into the recording and listeners who - instead of the usual "high-end effect music" - want to re-live great performances are enthrilled by the unique realism that is achieved with our products.

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Phono Linearizers
FM 122 MKII FM 123 FM 223
FM 122 MKII FM 123 FM 223
Line Stages
FM 155-MKIIR FM 245 FM 255 MKIIR FM 266-MKII FM 268-C
FM 155-MKIIR FM 245 FM 255-MKIIR FM 266-MKII FM 268-C
Resolution Series Power Amplifiers
FM 108 FM 111 FM 115 FM 411-MKIII FM 711 MKIII
FM 108 FM 111 FM 115 FM 411-MKIII FM 711 MKIII
FM 1811 FM 118
FM 1811 FM 118
Other Products
  Electronic Crossovers - FM 330 Series
  Harmonic Linearizers - FM 133 & FM 233
  Power Amplifiers - Classic Series
  Cables - Interconnects
  Cables - Phono Cables
  Cables - Speaker Cables
  Accessories - For Domestic Equipment