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Aug 2020 Site Relocated to New Web Server.
Jan 2017 Meeting with Manuel Huber of FM Acoustics at The Sound Chamber
Dec 2016 New Arrival - Alpha DAC Reference Series 2 now on demo exclusively at The Sound Chamber
Jul 2015 Fourth generation of Spectral DMC-30 - "Super Veloce" Reference Preamplifier. For appointment, call 2526-3431.
Jun 2015 Full line LAMM amplifiers on sale. Call 2526 3431 for details.
Jan 2015 Clearance Sale - Daniel Hertz, selected Spectral, and Simaudio products
Dec 2014 Daniel Hertz loudspeakers, amplifiers and cables on sale - up to 60% less
Nov 2014 Spectral DMA-300 Stereo Reference Standard Amplifier
Aug 2014 New Arrival - Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference Series
Jul 2014 Clearance Sale - selected Spectral and LAMM amplifiers
Jun 2014 Shenzhen Showroom Opening Soon...
May 2014 Super AV - Cover Story featuring Spectral DMA-400RS Monaural Amplifier
Apr 2014 Invitation to meet Mr. Henry Dienn of Lansche Audio.
Mar 2014 LYRA ETNA - "New Angle", "Assymetric", "Multi-Material" model
Nov 2013 New Arrival - Spectral DMA-400 monaural reference amplifier now on demo exclusively at The Sound Chamber
Sep 2013 Clearance Sale. Products include Magico, Simaudio, and selected Spectral and LAMM amplifiers.
Jul 2013 Experience the near-magical precision and clarity of plasma tweeter by Lansche Audio.
Jun 2013 Magico Loudspeaker - Clearance Sale
May 2013 FM ACOUSTICS 268-C featuring the unique Acoustic Resonance Compensators
Mar 2013 Clearance Sale - Magico, Spectral, LAMM, Simaudio, etc.
Mar 2013 Announcement - FM Acoustics
Jan 2013 New Release - LAMM LP1 Signature phono preamplifier
Dec 2012 Enjoy seasonal discounts up to 50-percent off on selected items.
Nov 2012 Meet Mark Levinson in person to hear his lastest playback system.
Nov 2012 New Release - LAMM ML2.2 Single-Ended Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier
Aug 2012 Magico S5 Loudspeaker has arrived at 21/F Stanley 11.
Jul 2012 FM ACOUSTICS Resolution Series 118 - The most amazing power amplifier ever
Jul 2012 Magico Q7 now on demo exclusively at The Sound Chamber
Jun 2012 Magico Q7 - Coming Soon
Jun 2012 New Arrival - Lyra Atlas
May 2012 Removal Notice
Jan 2012 Sale - up to 60% off
Dec 2011 Spectral SDR-4000SL Reference CD Processor
Dec 2011 Christmas Sale
Nov 2011 New Arrival - Magico Q1 Loudspeaker
Oct 2011 After long waiting - Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB
Oct 2011 Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 2 comes with new clocking and isolation technologies.
Jul 2011 Summer Sale - Simaudio; MIT; Audio Research, etc.
Jun 2011 New Arrival - Magico Q3
May 2011 FM ACOUSTICS' new PhonoMaster 223 has landed.
Apr 2011 Spectral DMC-30SS Studio Standard Series 2 Reference Preamplifier - At the Leading Edge
Feb 2011 Beijing Branch now open!
Jan 2011 Introducing The Funk Firm's Saffire II Turntable. Now on demo with Lyra's brand-new Kleos MC cartridge.
Jan 2011 Spectral's finest stereo amplifer DMA-260. Coming soon to The Sound Chamber.
Oct 2010 Further Reduction
Jul 2010 Introducing Swiss-made Daniel Hertz SA
Jul 2010 New Arrival - Magico Q5
Jun 2010 Clearance Sale
Jun 2010 Recruitment
Apr 2010 The Power Vault - Spectral DMA-200S High Resolution Amplifier
Mar 2010 Diminutive but astounding - the new FM 108
Jan 2010 The Debut of Magico Q5 at CES 2010
Jan 2010 MOON 30th Anniversary Edition at CES 2010
Jan 2010 Magico & U-Boat Billboard at Yee Wo Street Causeway Bay
Dec 2009 New Magico Q5 loudspeakers available early 2010. Please call 2526-3431 for further details.
Nov 2009 New Simaudio MOON 600i and 700i integrated amplifier.
Nov 2009 New Simaudio MOON 300D 24/192 Digital-to-Analog converter and 750D 32-bit DAC/transport.
Oct 2009 "Magico reinvents the dynamic loudspeaker." - the absolute sound, Oct 2009
Oct 2009 MOON CP-8 Surround Processor and MC-8 Multi-Channel Amplifier
Oct 2009 New Arrival - Magico Ultimate II now on demo. Call 2526-3431 for appointment.
Oct 2009 LAMM 4-chassis Flagship Preamp - LL1 Signature
Oct 2009 New Arrival - Spectral DMC-15SS preamplifier
Oct 2009 LAMM bringing you the magic of music - LL2.1 deluxe preamplifier
Sep 2009 New Audiophile featuring LAMM ML3 Signature
Jul 2009 Magico V2 on Soundstage!
Jul 2009 New Arrival - Spectral DMA-360 Series-2 Monaural Reference Amplifier now on demo.
May 2009 Hi-Fi Review featuring Magico M5
May 2009 New Audiophile featuring Magico M5
May 2009 New Arrival - Magico V2 Loudspeaker on demo.
Call 2526-3431 for appointment
May 2009 Gemme Audio - Sound Innovations from Montreal
May 2009 Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC, designed by Pacific Microsonics design team
Apr 2009 New Arrival - MAGICO M5 & FM ACOUSTICS 1811 now on demo.